Friday, June 10, 2011

Hollywood NOIR is the NEW REGENCY

Being the "style maker" that I am (I know my sister Kendra is rolling her eyes at this one!) I'm going to break down the difference between HOLLYWOOD NOIR and HOLLYWOOD REGENCY.  

If you haven't hear of the HOLLYWOOD NOIR design style, then I'm coining it as my re-discovery, I'm brining NOIR back! (calm down everyone...I know, I am excited too..;)

The Regency look started with William Haines in the later 1940s, while Noir pre-dates it by a decade or two.
Both looks are an attempt to recapture Retro Hollywood but the styles couldn’t be more different.
Well known designer Kelly Wearstler reprised the Hollywood Regency Style a decade ago.  Remember the belted, full-skirted mom look, lots of chintz and hominess.

The colors are techno-brilliant with sunflower gold, powder blues, greens and that unfortunate shade I like to call Pepto Bismol pink.  It’s definitely eye-popping with low modern furniture, all buttoned-down with Asian chinoiserie and painted furniture.

Personally, I think the look is TELEVISION vs. the GOLDEN SCREEN. 

Backing up to the Hollywood Noir look of the 20's and 30's is like stepping into a richer and much more sophisticated era.
Think of that pale silhouetted glamour girl in her emerald satin gown descending the staircase into the gentlemen’s club.
The lighting is moody; the colors are crimson, sapphire, with lots of high gloss  glamour. It is unapologetically opulent.
You can bring the dramatic expressiveness of this legendary era into your home by seeking out the sumptuous furnishings of the period. Pair them with good vintage lamps and gleaming polished wood.
Draw the eye to classic movie posters featuring movie idols such as Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart or Joan Bennett

The search for the right furniture and accessories will lead you to some unique collections.  Don’t get frustrated if you're not able to find the NOIR look at your regular shopping spots.  Check out estate sales and auction houses, or drop into our showroom and find pieces to add a little NOIR style to your home!
Adding fur blankets, pillows or possibly if you're daring enough, a Sheepskin Pouf in grey in the right setting will create a fabulous NOIR appeal.
Any kind of Hollywood lighting, theatrical or cinematic will give the NOIR appeal.
Don't be afraid of sapphire blue and emerald green!  A modern fabric on an old french chair paired with a contemporary rug can give NOIR decadence.
Putting it all together can give you pure HOLLYWOOD NOIR STYLE!

Come into the CRAIG OLSEN design showroom to further your education and STAY TUNED FOR MY NEXT BLOG, in which I will invite you into MY OWN BEDROOM (get your mind out of the gutter;) and show you how to update your style with a few subtle changes to your personal space that will make all the difference in the world! 

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