Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's an Idea to Unlock Your "Inner Designer"

As the host of an interior design showroom I’m frequently asked questions regarding my own personal design style, clients often ask “How’d YOU do it?”  

Aesthetically speaking you could say I’m complicated.  I consider my home to be an experimental pallet of rooms where I can try out new design ideas. 
I live in a 1926 Spanish Mediterranean home in Los Angeles.  Never having been one to leave anything untouched, I started researching what a Spanish Mediterranean should look like and was completely inspired when I came across the book The Orient in Western Art by Gerard Georges Lemared.  

My jaw dropped open when I came across the painting The Tiger Hunt by Peter Paul Rubins.  I fell in love with the rich colors and the power this painting evoked, hopefully you can see the similarities in my room, if not I suppose you should go on reading a blog about cooking, lol.
In this space I chose sapphire blues, golden yellows and oranges.  Transforming my space into the direction of French Morroccan I was also inspired by a 200 year-old historical block print French Zuber wallpaper (shown framed in the photo below.)
In my dining room, which I consider to be a work in progress, I have a piece of this wallpaper framed and it’s called Hindustan.  In the dining room I plan to add mirrors on either side of the Zuber, and possibly install sconces, which would be mounted on the mirrors.  I’m also contemplating adding striped wallpaper in the dining area as well, any feedback is more than welcome!
Homes are meant to be a work in progress and as new trends come forth, it’s perfectly OK to see if they would work with your budget and your existing furnishings.  Besides, it’s a lot of fun to change things around until you are satisfied.   Feel free to unlock you inner designer. 
I love mixing STYLES...
I love playing with COLOR....
AND I love combining layers of TEXTURE to achieve my design style. 

Photo Credit: Jeremy Ray Valdez

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Else Wants a Piece of Hollywood History?

As an interior designer I am exploring the art-deco phase of my life and no one is more my current design muse than recently departed well-known Hollywood talent agent, Ed Limato He was my friend and he influenced me more than he could ever know. I miss him terribly.
Edward F. Limato
Visiting Ed Limato's many homes was always a visual delight. Since his passing I’ve decided to feature several of his personal furnishings in my Los Angeles showroom. Each piece is unique and speaks of impeccable style. Drop by my showroom on La Brea anytime to see some of these fine examples as many will be proudly displayed for sale throughout the year with all monies going directly to the Ed Limato Foundation.  

For example, this French Bergere Chair (set of two) sat proud in Limato’s Pool House.
I’ve re-upholstered the set in grey linen to create a fresh chic and sophisticated look.
I’m proud to have designed this deco style side table for Limato, this deco side table which we now have copied was placed prominently in Mr. Limato’s Billiard Room. 
The wooden frame structure of the 3-piece Plateau Table below makes it a rare find as most were made of silver metal.  This beauty graced the Library room of Limato’s Estate in Beverly Hills and boasts silver leaf on an intricately carved wood frame and oxidized mirrored top. 

These truly classic styles from Limato’s estate are sure to compliment anyone’s d├ęcor. This is what he continues to teach me even from beyond, good quality is timeless and transcends almost every style.

Another great opportunity to take home a piece of old Hollywood lore and own one of Ed Limato’s unique furnishings is to attend the A.N. Abell major fine art and antique auction to be held February 20, 10 a.m. here in Los Angeles.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Secret of Creating Quality Couture for the People

Make it Work, Make it Beautiful...the simple philosophy behind Craig Olsen's successful design approach to Creating Quality Couture for the People.
Over the years Craig Olsen and his sister Kendra have produced hundreds of their own original furniture designs.  No matter how difficult the design challenge compromising quality has never been an option.  The key to quality control at Craig Olsen is long standing relationships with skilled craftsman in every medium of design from acrylic to steel who are all local to the Los Angeles area.  Even though all of the craftsman associated are extremely talented, Craig himself inspects every piece of furniture to ensure not a single detail has been over-looked and your dream is indeed a reality to be cherished for generations to come!
Make it Work...
Make it Beautiful...
Made in the USA!
Photo Credit: Jeremy Ray Valdez