Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are Snakes the Silent "Power" Trend?

If you like snakes, but are not too keen on having them as a house pet, why not bring them into your home by including them in your decor. Snakes have been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to mankind - they definitely make a strong statement in fashion and interior design.

Speaking of fashion, that's where we always take our "cues."  We have noticed some interesting trends taking place this Fall 2011.
Notice this Jimmy Choo Snake Wedge - and since "Furniture" follows "Fashion," we always watch for the trends in fashion. And regardless, when has Mr. Choo ever steered any of us wrong?  
If you want to do just "a little" - something not quite so "bold" you can easily add an interesting table top accessory, or try a subtle side table.

If you are someone who "goes big and takes chances in your decor" - I particularly like this piece for a front door.

I am not a fan of snakes in the "skin" so to speak but for some reason I have become slightly obsessed with this snake chain fabric and plan on designing some dining room chairs for my own home - stay tuned for the completed work - I will post a photo once they are complete!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabrics Galore: Organizing the CRAIG OLSEN Library

Organization is key - in any business, in any household, in any anything. And we usually are VERY organized - but it's that funny thing that happens when too many artists "live" and "work" under one roof (showroom) - things are bound to go haywire. So we spent today going through all of the fabrics that we have acquired over the years. Every piece you see carries deep significance to us here - they are all equally important to us. Some denote specific trends, some represent complete design statements, some compliment other pieces we have in our space, etc.

We usually put the company of where the fabric came from and roughly how much of it we have - so that's already organized. We just had them all over and in mountains...

Lately, we have been working a lot with pink, as our clients are asking for it more and more, so we put together some of our favorite textiles on our inspirational wall. Because let's be's all about the inspiration in life...or at is for us.

Oh, the deal on all those little tags is...we acquire tons of remnants over the year so in order to know what I have I like to put them up on these tags-it helps my mind be organized and I usually will put the company of where the fabrics come from and roughly how much of it I have. I use these little bits and pieces for pillows, piping for a fun little chair etc etc.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pillowcases with Personality...J'adore!

These pillowcases are 100% cotton and are manufactured through companies that emphasize environmentally friendly processes, fair wages, healthy working environments, gender equality and the development of self- sustaining communities. Everything that is important at CRAIG OLSEN. A set of 2 retail for $98. They make great gifts - they're too cute to pass up! Who doesn't see themselves as King or Queen? They're also perfect for your own home or guest room.

"Sleeps with dogs" is our personal favorite. Everyone that purchases these from us slyly pushes the neatly enveloped pillows towards us and kinda looks down almost with shame and embarrassement that they allow their furry children to take up space in their bed - if they only knew how much we all do the same thing! Too funny!