Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pillows by Gregory Keith

This week we are elated to introduce to you our Guest Blogger Angelino Gregory Keith.

Gregory is not only an amazing photographer but has recently started his very own successful pillow line. I love to see his new collections and hear what his inspiration was behind it. It is always a great story and I am sure you will find him as talented as we do here at CRAIG OLSEN.

We feel very lucky to have some of his fabulous collections on display in our showroom on La Brea. Please come in and check out the beautiful handiwork of Gregory or simply go to his website and get inspired! Be sure and always check back because a creative type like Gregory is always working on the next thing!


Gregory Keith:

A trip, an experience, or family and friends inspire all of the pillows I design.  My recent trip to Zihuantanejo, Mexico was the latest inspiration for my vignette of pillows, appropriately called Zihuantanejo.

When traveling I usually take hundreds of pictures, and when I get home I see what I was inspired by.  For this collection the markets in the town center of Zihuantanejo caught my eye.

The colors were so rich and there were so many textures, that it was naturally a source for inspiration.  When I came back home I immediately went shopping for fabrics.  My fabrics are vintage and rare, so I have to find really unique textiles that represent my inspiration. 

For this collection I traveled to Britex Fabric in San Francisco, and found amazing fabrics!

After buying all of my fabric I lay it out and then try to make a cohesive vignette.  This can sometimes be a challenge, but in this case it was not!  I think the result is awesome, and this is definitely one of my favorites vignettes to date.

Introducing the Playa La Ropa Collection!

Thank you Gregory!
Pssst... A little insider news I heard is that Gregory may run a promotion soon so keep checking his sight and take advantage. Since his textiles are mostly one of a kind vintage finds-if you snooze- you WILL lose!!!

323-677-2111 CRAIG OLSEN showroom on La Brea

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Like Nail Polish For The Walls

This week Kendra is back blogging about her love affair with wallpaper!

I love wallpaper. Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to wallpaper. Thankfully it was very easy for Craig and I to talk Mama Pat into re-papering any wall in our home on a whim.
When I talk wallpaper to clients their eyes get all big and they look at me like I have 3 eyes. I see their minds take them through a time warp straight to grandma’s kitchen with cabbage rose papered walls with that matching border.  They definitely are not feelin’ the paper love…at first that is.
Is this where your mind takes you?

Today there are so many great patterns whether your taste is subtle with just texture, a tone on tone pattern or a making a bold statement-there is a paper out there for you.
Here is a basic grass cloth shown in a natural way and then my way (bold with pattern of course!)

I use wallpapers in almost every design project. In fact, wallpaper is usually my starting point. I find that great pattern and build my design from there. Often I will have to explain wallpaper to my client and pull them out of their grandmother’s kitchen but I have never had a client not love the outcome.  I would suggest using wallpaper sparingly- it is not for every wall in your home.
Modern wallpaper designs by De Joode design have this amazing rythmic repition of Ladies and Gentlemen but it isn't something you discover until you are up close!

This tree paper comes in many colors from a cream tone on tone to black as shown
Moorish prints always grab my attention

A Parisian Toile? Without the jetlag? I think so!

Elysian Fields Bat paper in Cobalt Blue
Butterfly Jubilee

If you look closely Ms. Ward is being transported by various insects

Woosdtock had nothing on this!

Recently Craig and I used this great paper on an episode of HGTV’s Room Crashers. We applied the paper horizontally instead of vertically (as intended and as shown below) for a fresh look.  

Check out our episode in the link below. Notice how the homeowner comments on the loving the paper over and over and over …….keep in mind we were “ghost designers” so you won’t see us (only quickly in the background if you really pay attention)and our design (and words) were placed into the hosts hands but this was OUR brainchild NOT his.
This fish paper was used in a client’s powder room- she was NOT afraid of paper!

In design a large portion of our job is to educate the client and show them how to make their space their own. When you walk into your home you should look at your furnishings as a reflection of yourself. It should make you smile. It should make you happy. Yes, furniture must be functional but it should also be an extension of your personality. It’s like fashion. We have items we wear that we love for comfort and also items we wear because it’s our personal style. Jewelry has great meaning. Our old high school sweatshirt is comfy and takes us back in a good way.
So get comfy, get colorful and love your walls!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's as easy as A-B-C!

This week Kendra is blogging about Vintage Industrial Letters.

Lately Vintage wall letters have been making their way off the old dilapidated buildings and into our homes. Who would of thought that I would have a partially rusty, chipped K hanging in my home? I do, and I love it!!

This K proudly hangs in my son’s bedroom. It is 30” tall so it holds a huge presence. I love the sharpness of the red against the blue and the unexpected marriage of these 2 colors.

Putting initials up on a wall or spelling out a name is not a new concept. I like to think of these industrial letters as the natural evolution to the wood version. Take a drive around your city.  Many old buildings will have owners that have no use for these “scraps”.  Which probably means you can get it for free, or simply visit the CRAIG OLSEN showroom on La Brea and pick your favorite letter fresh off the wall! 

This one still has part of the building on it as well as old glue, a penciled in number (probably to tell it's place on the marquee line up) as well as an electric company sticker.

Recently at the CRAIG OLSEN showroom we had an opportunity to buy up a load of these huge letters, which came from an old Motel. My guess is they were born in the 50’s.

Originally we thought we would take them and powder coat them giving them color to last them another 50 years but once we saw them we fell in love with their character.  

Beat up and in the raw, bent a little and sagging in certain area’s these definitely have seen better days but really, haven’t we all?  
Up they went!

Not exactly the order they originally hung in but I can spy my middle name, which was an artistic accident by Craig and wasn’t noticed until a day later. Craig’s assistant wanted him to spell a word but Craig wanted to use his imagination via a collage of letters. I challenge you to find a word.

Me next to KAY