Tuesday, September 13, 2011


***Kendra is blogging this week about her favorite online design magazines!!

One of my new fav pastimes is reading and browsing through online magazines. Living in Los Angeles I must drive past at least 4 newsstands a day but do I ever really wanna pull my big suburban out of the flow of traffic and stop? Do I have time? Is there ever a parking spot right in front to fit said ridiculously large vehicle? No, No, and of course not!
I thought I would share with you all some of my top picks:

#1 for me is High Gloss!
 Of course the name drew me in first and foremost but I do love the mix of furniture and fashion and the latest Issue is all about L.A.! Yay!

Coming in at a VERY close 2nd and fairly new to the online mag game is Ivy and Piper.
Funny enough Ivy and Piper actually remind me of myself and Craig. We both have a very different design style that when put together is also very cohesive and I gotta say produces some fab results!

#3 is Adore Home!
This is Australia’s 1st online home magazine and lemme tell ya, those Aussie’s really know their stuff! Check out their Urban Road page where they show you all kinds of cool canvas art prints.
Oh, P.S. You can get this look by stretching a really cool textile over a canvas for instant room va-voom!


Rue is great because it covers interiors, fashion, great shopping places, outdoor design, food, awesome giveaways and great stuff to download from do it yourself invitation that are way cute or playlists.

Last but quite obviously not least is Lonny! Check her out!

Go ahead- waste a few creative hours!!!