Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's as easy as A-B-C!

This week Kendra is blogging about Vintage Industrial Letters.

Lately Vintage wall letters have been making their way off the old dilapidated buildings and into our homes. Who would of thought that I would have a partially rusty, chipped K hanging in my home? I do, and I love it!!

This K proudly hangs in my son’s bedroom. It is 30” tall so it holds a huge presence. I love the sharpness of the red against the blue and the unexpected marriage of these 2 colors.

Putting initials up on a wall or spelling out a name is not a new concept. I like to think of these industrial letters as the natural evolution to the wood version. Take a drive around your city.  Many old buildings will have owners that have no use for these “scraps”.  Which probably means you can get it for free, or simply visit the CRAIG OLSEN showroom on La Brea and pick your favorite letter fresh off the wall! 

This one still has part of the building on it as well as old glue, a penciled in number (probably to tell it's place on the marquee line up) as well as an electric company sticker.

Recently at the CRAIG OLSEN showroom we had an opportunity to buy up a load of these huge letters, which came from an old Motel. My guess is they were born in the 50’s.

Originally we thought we would take them and powder coat them giving them color to last them another 50 years but once we saw them we fell in love with their character.  

Beat up and in the raw, bent a little and sagging in certain area’s these definitely have seen better days but really, haven’t we all?  
Up they went!

Not exactly the order they originally hung in but I can spy my middle name, which was an artistic accident by Craig and wasn’t noticed until a day later. Craig’s assistant wanted him to spell a word but Craig wanted to use his imagination via a collage of letters. I challenge you to find a word.

Me next to KAY

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous and I love your use of the letters to accent a wall, either as a grouping or as one bold individual letter. Super fun!