Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pillows by Gregory Keith

This week we are elated to introduce to you our Guest Blogger Angelino Gregory Keith.

Gregory is not only an amazing photographer but has recently started his very own successful pillow line. I love to see his new collections and hear what his inspiration was behind it. It is always a great story and I am sure you will find him as talented as we do here at CRAIG OLSEN.

We feel very lucky to have some of his fabulous collections on display in our showroom on La Brea. Please come in and check out the beautiful handiwork of Gregory or simply go to his website and get inspired! Be sure and always check back because a creative type like Gregory is always working on the next thing!


Gregory Keith:

A trip, an experience, or family and friends inspire all of the pillows I design.  My recent trip to Zihuantanejo, Mexico was the latest inspiration for my vignette of pillows, appropriately called Zihuantanejo.

When traveling I usually take hundreds of pictures, and when I get home I see what I was inspired by.  For this collection the markets in the town center of Zihuantanejo caught my eye.

The colors were so rich and there were so many textures, that it was naturally a source for inspiration.  When I came back home I immediately went shopping for fabrics.  My fabrics are vintage and rare, so I have to find really unique textiles that represent my inspiration. 

For this collection I traveled to Britex Fabric in San Francisco, and found amazing fabrics!

After buying all of my fabric I lay it out and then try to make a cohesive vignette.  This can sometimes be a challenge, but in this case it was not!  I think the result is awesome, and this is definitely one of my favorites vignettes to date.

Introducing the Playa La Ropa Collection!

Thank you Gregory!
Pssst... A little insider news I heard is that Gregory may run a promotion soon so keep checking his sight and take advantage. Since his textiles are mostly one of a kind vintage finds-if you snooze- you WILL lose!!!

323-677-2111 CRAIG OLSEN showroom on La Brea

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