Thursday, March 24, 2011

Furniture Follows Fashion

We had a very exciting weekend at our furniture and design showroom on La Brea as we proudly hosted the 2011 fall line for LA fashion designer, ANTHONY FRANCO.
Anthony Franco - Fashion Designer,  Craig Olsen & Kendra Kay - Interior Designers
The showroom floor was cleared out to make way for the 400 plus guests and media that attended the event, minus a few fashion forward seating vignettes of course!
The show opened with a stunning Winter White Cashmere Tux.

This chair, an original design of mine was inspired by the classic 40's Klismo's chair and mimics the strength and flow of this pants suit.  
What I love about Anthony Franco's clothing designs is the details and the journey each piece takes you on.  When you see his clothing you know this is somebody who has power, style and confidence.  
When I'm designing a piece of furniture or a complete space I adhere to that very same philosophy...
Anthony Franco gives us something different, exciting and whimsical in every design he creates.  For example the cashmere sweater pants (Tony, send me a pair - size small of course!)
Layers of texture create the room, and create the man.  
Bold style and design in fashion and interiors go hand-in-hand, if you see it on the runway one season, you're sitting on it the next!
Something Strong...
Something Bold...
Something Sexy...
Creates a successful silhouette in interiors and fashion design.  

BRAVO, Anthony Franco!!

To see more press on the show check out the Los Angeles Times blog or google Anthony Franco 2011 Fashion Event.  

Special thanks to Henri Myers from EM Productions and one of my favorite photographers Brian To for photographing the event!

130 N La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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  1. BRAVO, Craig Olsen!!

    Another enjoyable read with some very sexy designs. :-)