Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meet the REAL Modern Family Behind CRAIG OLSEN

CRAIG OLSEN is more than a beautiful showroom offering full design services, we're a family.  Those who know me well know my family is of utmost importance, followed by my business.
If you've had the opportunity to visit my showroom on La Brea you more than likely have met my beautiful and extremely talented sister Kendra Kay.
Kendra has been creating beautiful spaces and bringing new and exciting furniture design concepts to the business for years!  She is married to Shane Pahukoa (former NFL player) and has three amazing children.  Her husband Shane is also in the furniture design world, creating furniture concepts for a design showroom I partnered and launched years ago. Kendra's personality is sure to win anyone over and the dynamic between the two of us is undeniable, and very entertaining I'm told!
This is what happens when we don't see eye-to-eye on a design concept, of course I always win, LOL!
Meet "Girl Saturday," AKA Mom Pat. Without her, none of this madness would have been possible :D
If you happen to be shopping in my showroom on a Saturday you will more than likely have had the pleasure of meeting Girl Saturday.  Girl Saturday is here to lend a hand, chat with cliental and if you're lucky she may even sing you a little tune! :D
Having had several successful design businesses over the last 15 years, I have had my share of great assistants.  I take much pride in my previous assistants as many of them have become great designers opening showrooms of their own and continuing on in other design related endeavors, successfully!  My latest assistant, Daniel Paulson, is a budding designer continuing his design education at the Design Academy of Craig Olsen :D 

Visit our showroom on La Brea and let Team CRAIG OLSEN help make your Interior Design DREAMS a REALITY!


  1. Hey now! Don't forget those of us who cheer you from afar!