Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Everything That Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!!

Kendra’s Blogging this week!
As an interior designer, my  favorite time of year is the International Furniture Show held at the extravagant World Market Center.  This is when designers and shop owners from all over the world travel  to Las Vegas to see what is hot and new in Home Furnishings.    

Okay, okay so it helps it is in Las Vegas,  home of the jackpot party slot machine where you can put in a penny and leave with $900 (I was once so lucky!!!) or put in $900 and leave with a penny (no comment).
          This must have been a good run….
This is a trip my brother and design partner Craig and I make every year. Once we plan our trip and arrive in Vegas we instantly consume the desert air and the excitement of the sparkly city. We make our way to the hotel where we check in and vow to be in bed by 10pm so we can get up bright and early to make the best use of our day at the show. After a small donation to the hotel casino and one cocktail for good measure I make my way to my room and will myself to sleep. I seriously feel like a kid at Christmas, with anticipation of all the new furniture I will soon feast my eyes upon. I am sure somewhere Sarah Jessica Parker is willing herself to sleep in much the same manner in anticipation of Dior’s winter runway show.
The next day we are up and out!! With 3 buildings and 14 floors to each building we have to keep it moving to see it all, and I MUST see it all! Every year we find that gem, that new thing, that must have for our front window and this year was no different. Check out our find below.  We both agreed this fantastic piece of furniture was coming to Los Angeles where it would live at the CRAIG OLSEN showroom on La Brea.
Meet the Bergman sofa below in supple dove grey leather (with many custom leathers to choose from) shown in 3 ways:
Shown here as a 3 cushion 90” long Sofa. This sofa can work in so many different settings from Industrial to Classic.

Shown here as 3 chairs all in one!! Perfect for a family with kids where mom and dad are sick of hearing, “Moooom, her leg is touching my leg, her arm is touching my arm, she won’t scoot over!!!” As a mother, I have heard this sentence in every language possible!
Shown here as a small settee and a chair. Can’t you see this in a waiting room or an office?

Isn’t it fabulous?!  This sofa is so smart it can make itself a sofa, 3 chairs or a small settee with chair all in the flip of a small cushion, therefore making it the perfect piece for an office, a TV room, a formal living room, and with its masculine angles I can even see it in a man cave!
    To purchase one of these gems contact the CRAIG OLSEN showroom at 130 N. La Brea in Los Angeles or visit our website at
 Stay tuned for the next blog which will be about Craig and Kendra's LIST of WHAT'S HOT and WHAT'S NOT in design today!


  1. Love the couch. Hubby has also commented that the second photo children will love it but fight over who will be on the armrest..The third picture, great for that couple who can't get rid of that third wheel.

    But seriously..I do love this couch and the functionality (is that even a word). It's perfect for those of us who love to rearrange the living room every season and mess with our husbands.

  2. I am in mad love with that couch!! Great post!!