Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabrics Galore: Organizing the CRAIG OLSEN Library

Organization is key - in any business, in any household, in any anything. And we usually are VERY organized - but it's that funny thing that happens when too many artists "live" and "work" under one roof (showroom) - things are bound to go haywire. So we spent today going through all of the fabrics that we have acquired over the years. Every piece you see carries deep significance to us here - they are all equally important to us. Some denote specific trends, some represent complete design statements, some compliment other pieces we have in our space, etc.

We usually put the company of where the fabric came from and roughly how much of it we have - so that's already organized. We just had them all over and in mountains...

Lately, we have been working a lot with pink, as our clients are asking for it more and more, so we put together some of our favorite textiles on our inspirational wall. Because let's be's all about the inspiration in life...or at is for us.

Oh, the deal on all those little tags is...we acquire tons of remnants over the year so in order to know what I have I like to put them up on these tags-it helps my mind be organized and I usually will put the company of where the fabrics come from and roughly how much of it I have. I use these little bits and pieces for pillows, piping for a fun little chair etc etc.

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