Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pillowcases with Personality...J'adore!

These pillowcases are 100% cotton and are manufactured through companies that emphasize environmentally friendly processes, fair wages, healthy working environments, gender equality and the development of self- sustaining communities. Everything that is important at CRAIG OLSEN. A set of 2 retail for $98. They make great gifts - they're too cute to pass up! Who doesn't see themselves as King or Queen? They're also perfect for your own home or guest room.

"Sleeps with dogs" is our personal favorite. Everyone that purchases these from us slyly pushes the neatly enveloped pillows towards us and kinda looks down almost with shame and embarrassement that they allow their furry children to take up space in their bed - if they only knew how much we all do the same thing! Too funny!

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