Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creating Quality Couture Pays off - We're #1!

Creating Quality Couture for The People has really paid off as we've just been voted #1 Best Furniture/Showroom in LA!
I wanted to thank all who voted and assure you I will continue to create beautiful Quality Couture for YOU in the years to come!!

Let's face it, we all need change in our lives from time to time.  I'm always changing my showroom to give it a new feel and keep things fresh.  Over the last couple of weeks I decided to capture my entrance vignette to show how easy it can be to give your own home a new look and feel by simply changing out pillows and accessories!

The following photos show by keeping your main furniture pieces neutral and classic you can easily re-create an entire new look! 
This Classic Style Sofa, which can be either contemporary or traditional, is shown in a neutral off-white washed linen.  The sofa is dressed in cool spring and summer blues and greens and accessorized the same in the photo below.
The next photo shows a more neutral dressing and we've added a pair French Bergere Chairs on either side.
See how we changed out the rug in the following set, added mosaic panels on either side to frame up the vignette.  The lamps, accessories and pillows were also swapped out to create balance.
Last but not least, I've changed the coffee table with this fabulous vintage goatskin table by Karl Springer.  Again, the lamps and accessories were swapped to pull the gold, blue and purple tones out of the mosaic panels.  
I hope this gives you an idea to freshen up your own space.

Thank You again for voting CRAIG OLSEN #1 for 2011!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Furniture Follows Fashion

We had a very exciting weekend at our furniture and design showroom on La Brea as we proudly hosted the 2011 fall line for LA fashion designer, ANTHONY FRANCO.
Anthony Franco - Fashion Designer,  Craig Olsen & Kendra Kay - Interior Designers
The showroom floor was cleared out to make way for the 400 plus guests and media that attended the event, minus a few fashion forward seating vignettes of course!
The show opened with a stunning Winter White Cashmere Tux.

This chair, an original design of mine was inspired by the classic 40's Klismo's chair and mimics the strength and flow of this pants suit.  
What I love about Anthony Franco's clothing designs is the details and the journey each piece takes you on.  When you see his clothing you know this is somebody who has power, style and confidence.  
When I'm designing a piece of furniture or a complete space I adhere to that very same philosophy...
Anthony Franco gives us something different, exciting and whimsical in every design he creates.  For example the cashmere sweater pants (Tony, send me a pair - size small of course!)
Layers of texture create the room, and create the man.  
Bold style and design in fashion and interiors go hand-in-hand, if you see it on the runway one season, you're sitting on it the next!
Something Strong...
Something Bold...
Something Sexy...
Creates a successful silhouette in interiors and fashion design.  

BRAVO, Anthony Franco!!

To see more press on the show check out the Los Angeles Times blog or google Anthony Franco 2011 Fashion Event.  

Special thanks to Henri Myers from EM Productions and one of my favorite photographers Brian To for photographing the event!

130 N La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Add BABY!

I have designed more bedrooms than I can even remember in a myriad of different styles, but the one room I've always shied away from is the nursery. It's always seemed a challenge to me possibly because of my own fear of children...although I know I'd make a wonderful father:) I love the mommies, but babies have always intimidated me. Lately though it seems one of the biggest requests I'm asked is to design "the nursery." I faced my fears and began exploring BABY-LAND! Special thanks to a few of my VIC's (Very Important Clients) for allowing me to take you inside a couple of Couture Baby Rooms I've had the pleasure of decorating!
Billy's room was decorated around the custom orange area rug. Blues, browns and oranges will take Billy through the first decade of his life and easily transition him to the second!
For example, if Billy were to become a young adult tomorrow you could swap out the crib for a bed, change out the baby accessories and possibly paint the walls a shade of gray. A few small changes and Billy's room screams "Next stop, COLLEGE!"
The same rules apply when putting together a baby girls room, be sure to keep functionality and future in mind! In this room I've achieved a modern princess vibe that's sure to grow with the evolving taste of "The Princess" inhabiting this space:)
For our Princess' room I chose a playful color pallet that will grow with her in the years to come by simply changing the soft pink to fuschia.
I've truly conquered my intimidation of children and am now confident to take on any nursery, possibly even my own one day;)

Stop by and visit my design showroom anytime for ideas to get you and baby started off in style! For other great baby resources check out Bel Bambini and Serena and Lily.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Ray Valdez